Milky Way Photography Workshop - Friday, June.15, 2018

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Join me for a two hour in class presentation and a three hour guided night shoot along the northern Lake Erie shoreline where we will visit one of my favourite Milky Way shooting locations in Southwestern, Ontario. 

Located approximately 2 hours southwest of Toronto, this area of the province offers a wonderful opportunity to capture photographs of the Milky Way and surrounding landscape.

MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS:  6 (a number of 3 participants is needed to run the workshop)

I like to keep my groups small, ensuring a lot of one on one instructing.  When you walk away from this workshop, my goal is to have you feeling much better about your photography abilities and to capture some amazing shots to show off to your friends and family.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy to Moderate (some hiking is required on uneven sandy ground)



- Preparation - both mental & physical 

- Recommended gear to get you started  

- Importance of pre-scouting locations 

- Learning different phases and behaviours of the Milky Way 

- Using various moon phases to enhance your Milky Way scenes  

- Calculating proper exposure (ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture)  

- How to find critical focus resulting in sharp images  

- Useful phone apps for tracking and predicting Milky Way locations  

- Intro to using a star tracker