Intro to Night Photography Workshop - Friday, June.1, 2018

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Join me for a two hour in class presentation and a three hour guided night shoot along the northern Lake Erie shoreline where we will visit one of my favourite night sky shooting locations in Southwestern, Ontario.

Located approximately 2 hours southwest of Toronto, this area of the province offers a wonderful opportunity to capture photographs of the night sky and surrounding landscape.


- Basic gear to get you started 

- Pre-scouting locations

- Calculating proper exposure (ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture)

- Working with histograms

- How to find critical focus resulting in sharp images 

- Shooting star trails

- Capturing lightning 

- Light painting techniques

- Shooting during the "blue" twilight hour

- Full moon vs crescent vs no moon

- Useful phone apps 

Today's digital cameras can capture the night sky unlike any of their predecessors. This workshop is a great intro course to teach you the basics of night photography before you dive into a more advanced course, such as my Milky Way Photography Workshop.