Wednesday,  June 27, 2018

25 SEATS remaining

Join me for a two hour presentation on how to properly compose your images.  Much planning goes into the majority of my images.  The position of foreground objects, the use of leading lines, using the rule of thirds, horizon placement and many more elements are constantly flowing through my mind as I survey the scene. 

MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS:  25 (a number of 10 participants is needed to run the presentation)

When you walk away from this presentation, my goal is to have you seeing the world in a different light.  Using the rules of composition effectively when setting up your shots can take an average image and make it into something extraordinary.  

• Cost: $50 CAD per participant 



- Placement of objects

- Exploring the rule of thirds

- Horizon placement

Using lines for maximum impact

- Camera angles

- Patterns

- Negative space

- Filling the frame

- The effect of lens choices

- Focus and recompose technique



Brownsville Community Hall

292240 Culloden Line

Brownsville, Ontario


Wednesday - June.27 2018 (7 pm - 9 pm)

Please ensure that you arrive at least 15min prior to presentation start time.

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