Nominee for 2017 Photographic Artist of the Year

Nominee for 2017 Photographic Artist of the Year

The PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) recently held it's 48th Annual National Image Salon Competition.  Accredited PPOC members from across the Nation were allowed to submit up to four images to be scored by a panel of high ranking judges.  This was my third time entering the competition since joining the organization in 2014.  

Putting your work out there to be judged is not an easy thing to do, however the experience and knowledge gained from watching the judging is priceless.  In order to be accepted into the salon, an image must be deemed a cut above the rest by at least three of the five judges.  To have an image included in the salon is a huge accomplishment, given the immense amount of talented photographers that you are competing against.

There are many different categories to enter your images into.  In order to qualify for a Photographer of the Year Award, you must enter your images into at least three distinct  categories (specified by the PPOC rules) and have all of them accepted into the salon.  I have been very close two years in a row now, but have never officially met the requirements.... that is until this year!  I am proud to announce that I am one of only 6 photographers nation wide to be nominated for the prestigious 2017 Photographic Artist of the Year Award!  

The official announcement will come at the 48th Annual PPOC Awards Gala, taking place in Ottawa on May 1st, 2017.  See below for my accepted entires to this year's image salon.  The hidden theme this year was "Blue".  Not sure if the judges would have caught on in the end or not?  ;)


"Bird of Passage" - Animals Category

Bird of Passage


"Dance of the Hummingbird" - Experimental / Unclassified Category

Dance of the Hummingbird


"Road to Atlantis" - Pictorial Category

Road to Atlantis


"Sun Dog Night" - Pictorial Category

Sun Dog Night


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