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It has been a long time in the works, but I am proud to announce that I have just earned my 5th National Accreditation, this time in Ornithology (Bird Photography).   On April.29, 2017, the PPOC Board of Review for Accreditation judged my ten images and deemed that I had successfully demonstrated the ability to deliver above average quality photography in the Ornithology category. My goal is to expand my portfolio over the coming years and add a new collection to the website that will showcase my Bird Photography.  The current 10 images below will be available for purchase in the...

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2017, Accredited, artist, Canada, fine art, Image Competition, Image Salon, landscapes, Ontario, Photographer of the Year, Photographic Artist of the Year, POTY, PPOC, PPOC Nationals, Trevor Pottelberg -

The PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) recently held it's 48th Annual National Image Salon Competition.  Accredited PPOC members from across the Nation were allowed to submit up to four images to be scored by a panel of high ranking judges.  This was my third time entering the competition since joining the organization in 2014.   Putting your work out there to be judged is not an easy thing to do, however the experience and knowledge gained from watching the judging is priceless.  In order to be accepted into the salon, an image must be deemed a cut above the rest by at least...

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2015, 388, canada, cold, February, mist, morning, niagara falls, ontario, sunrise, water, waterfall, winter -

Capturing a winter sunrise over the mighty Niagara Falls has been on my bucket list for some time now. That being said, pulling off this shot is easier said than done. There are a multitude of challenges, obstacles and variables that come into play. The biggest of which is my illness. Ulcerative Colitis has ruled my life for over 20 years. I simply can't wake up, jump out of bed and leave the house. I need at least two hours each and every morning just to calm my stomach down before I can even attempt to leave the house. Factor...

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