Embracing Nature

As I dive deeper into wildlife photography, I realize just how important my past turkey hunting experience is. The knowledge I’ve gained from spending hundreds of hours sitting in the woods is invaluable. The more time you put in, the more you learn about animal behaviour, calls, location(s) etc. There is no better feeling than the first time a little songbird lands on your shoulder, a mouse runs across your boot, a wild turkey stands less than a foot away or a deer strolls past you, giving out a loud snort because it can smell you but can’t see you. Regardless of your feelings on hunting, I encourage anyone who loves nature to get out there and experience this. You don’t need a gun, you don’t need a camera or even binoculars... just yourself immersed in the natural environment. It will change the way you look at life and will give you a whole new appreciation for nature.


Over time, you will learn to control your breathing, movements and how to keep noise levels to an absolute minimum.

There have been times where I’ve been stuck in an awkward position and can’t move until the animal passes by. The pain sets in and your heart races, but you savour the moment knowing how special it is. With my chronic health issues, I’ve learned to appreciate every outing and every sighting of a wild animal.

Don’t take our earth for granted. Get out there and experience this precious gift.